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Experimental High Energy Physics


We study the properties of the fundamental particles, the quarks and gluons and the carriers of the electroweak and strong forces, the gauge bosons and gluons. We do this work as active members of experiments at the largest particle accelerators in the world, currently at the Fermi National Laboratory near Chicago, where we participate in both large collider experiments DØ and CDF. We are members of the US contingent participating in the ATLAS experiment at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) under construction at the CERN laboratory outside Geneva. We have research groups resident at both laboratories. The HAWC Experiment explores extreme astrophysical environments by accurately detecting sources of high energy gamma rays from within and beyond the Milky Way Galaxy.

At MSU experimentalists and theorists live in close proximity and participate in frequent discussions, collaborate together, and share common seminars. This close interaction, exemplified by the MSU-based CTEQ program, creates a vibrant, intellectually stimulating atmosphere contributing to the productivity of both theorists and experimentalists.


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