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The Physics-Astronomy Building

  • Located on Physics Road in the northeast section of the Michigan State University campus, near the Collingwood Entrance from Grand River Avenue.
  • Completed in 1949 (HEP wing added, circa 1974).
This photograph was taken from a vantage point on Physics Road about 75m NNE of the building in the early springtime, before most trees had a chance to block the view with foliage.

[MSU P-A Building Photo]

The main body of the building (the left part of the photo) is on an approximate north-south axis along Physics Road. The newer HEP wing extends to the west (to the right, in this photo) from the north end of the main building. The building visible beyond the HEP wing on the right side of the photo is Giltner Hall, which contains several Physics offices and classrooms (though it is primarily a Biological Sciences building, housing the Departments of Physiology and Microbiology). In the foreground, just north of the building, is a small visitors' parking lot (the main faculty/staff parking lot is to the southwest of the building, behind the building from this vantage point).

The MSU Computer Lab's Digital Information Group also maintains a Physics-Astronomy Building web page.

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