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Science Theatre is an organization run by student volunteers at Michigan State University who go out into the community to teach children and adults alike about the wonders of science.

To request a Science Theatre performance at your school, institution, or event, please contact us at with the subject title "Science Theatre Performance Request". Appearances are made free of charge and can be customized in length and content to fit your needs. Performances are made by student volunteers well-trained in safety and the demonstrations they will present.

The Science Theatre office is located in the lower level of MSU's Abrams Planetarium. For any information or to join Science Theatre, please contact us by email.

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Science Theatre News

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2013-2014 School Year
21st January Join us at Marshal Middle School for this early bird event. We will be returning to the school after a year. If you have any questions please contact the Assistant Director .
14th January Take a day trip on this Tuesday to Traverse City for a Greenspire School show! We will be bringing Liquid Nitrogen, Marshmellow Smashies, and more! Contact the Physics Director for more information.
6th January thru 10th January Due to severe weather conditions all Science Theatre events have been cancelled or postponed until the end of the week. If this affects you please contact us at
7th December thru 6th January This is Michigan State University's much awated Winter Break. Finals will end on the 6th of December. From the 7th of December to the 6th of January there will be no Science Theatre events due to the observance of the Holidays. The University is also closed during this peroid. E-mail communication will be limited to our primary e-mail address at . We appologize for the inconvience and Happy Holidays!
22th November Shoot the breeze with our Biology Director and learn about this hot weather show! This show will be at the very cool Silver Bells Art Festival in Lansing! All help would be greatly apreciated.
14th November Please help Public Relations Director with her up and comming show dealing with families of children aged from 0-7 years old. We will have some great hands on demonstrations like Density Rainbow, Tornado Bottles, and Musical Pipes! This is a great opportunity to work with children in what we like to do the most, get them excited about science!
7th November Contact our Assistant Physics Director to help with her 6pm Marble Elementry demonstration extravaganza!
7th November Contact our Assistant Physics Director to learn how Science Theatre is educating our collegete classmates here at MSU and our Neuroscience Class!
6th November Contact our Assistant Physics Director to help with her 4pm Attwood Elementry show to help complete the series.
26th October Another Chemistry Themed show at Impression 5! Science Center in Lansing will be sure to double decompose your socks right off of your feet!
25th October Our Super Spooky Haunted Planetarium Halloween Show will scare you right out of your shoes! Here, Science Theatre shows you what they call home with a spooky Halloween themed show between 6pm and 7:30pm. The show will be held at Abrams Planetarium on MSU campus and comes complete with Ooze, Brains, and even the coldest darn Ice Cream this side of the Red Cedar. Be sure to wear your Scariest, Funniest or Cutest Costume for the chance to win some wonderful science-theamed prizes! For more information please contact the Public Relations Director or Assistant Public Relations Director .
16th October Our final Lewton Elementry Show series will be held at Lewton Elementry on a wednesday night! Contact our Assistant Director or Assistant Chemistry Director for the final word on this 4pm show!
7th October Our first October show will be held at Atwood Elementry in Macomb Michigan at 4pm in conjunction with our Lewton Show only one week previous! Join our Assistant Physics Director for more information!
4th October The Midwest Space Fest is our first major show this semester! Please join our Physics Director and our Astrophysics Director for this day long event about physics and its involvement in space! Perhaps while you are there you can enjoy some delicious Traverse City cherries!
30th September Join our Assistant Physics Director at Lewton Elementry School in Lansing! This show will be happening at 4pm with some flashy and fun shows!
19th September Join us for our first General Body Meeting of the year. Located in 1400 BPS at 7:30pm. We will have pizza and pop provided and maybe a certian -321F degree treat! Come to learn more about us and how we outreach!
18th September Join our Assistant Chemistry Director at Impression 5 science center in Lansing for this art and theatrics based show!
14th September Our first show of the year will at 11am at in Holt, Michigan for the Harvest of the Arts Festival! Contact our Assistant Public Relations Director for info on this nearby event!
27th August Join us for our recruitment and eye-catching demonstrations at Meet your College:Natural Science, Meet your College: Lyman Briggs, and Sparticipation held at the Breslin Center! Hope to see a whole bunch of fresh new faces!