HEP Spring Seminar Schedule 2016

High Energy Physics Seminars are presented at 1:45 pm on Tuesdays
in 1400 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building

Refreshments are served at 1:30 p.m. on Tuesdays in the Biomedical & Physical Sciences Bldg.

High Energy Physics Journal Club talks are presented at 12:00 pm on Thursdays
in 3239 Biomedical & Physical Sciences Building

Speaker Title Local 

12 January


19 January

Walter Giele


Precision Predictions for the LHC Mohan

26 January

Adam Martin


"Hilbert series for effective field theories" Mohan

2 February
Joint with Nuclear Physics

Joey Huston


Precision Physics at the LHC Mohan

4 February

PQCD Candidate seminar 1:45 room 1400 BPS

  No seminar Yuan

9 February

PQCD Candidate seminar 1:45 room 1400 BPS

Stefan Hoeche


Virtual proton smashers for the Large Hadron Collider Yuan

18 February

PQCD Candidate seminar 1:45 room 1400 BPS

Elisabetta Furlan


Precision QCD for the LHC: the Higgs boson (and beyond) Yuan

25 February

PQCD Candidate seminar 1:45 room 1400 BPS

Andreas von Manteuffel


"New computational methods for precision physics at the LHC" Yuan

1 March

PQCD candidate seminar 1:45 room 1400 BPS

Jun Gao


Applications of Perturbative QCD in precison study of heavy quarks Yuan

8 March

 Spring Break 

15 March

Stefan Prestel


Accurate simulations of collider events Mohan

23 March

Tesla Jeltema

UC Santa Cruz

Joint with Astronomy scheduled for 3/23/2016 Couch

29 March

Kazuhiro Tobe

Nagoya Univerity

Lepton-flavor-violating Higgs decay h-ut and muon anomalous magnetic moment in a general two Higgs doublet model Yuan

5 April

  No seminar scheduled  
12 April

Sally Dawson


Exploring Electroweak Symmetry breaking through double Higgs Production Mohan

14 April

Mark Hartz


Status and Prospects for CP Violation Discovery in the Long Baseline Neutrino Program in Japan Mahn

19 April

Bryce Littlejohn

IIT Chicago

Precision Reactor Antineutrino Spectrum Measurements: Recent Results and PROSPECTs Mohan

26 April

Tim Tait

Univ. California, Irvine

Self-Interacting Dark Matter from a Non-Abelian Hidden Sector Yuan


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