High Energy Physics Journal Club

Speaker: Marc Scott, FNAL

Title: Neutrino oscillations and interactions – how nuclear physics affects long baseline neutrino experiments

Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2017, 2:45 pm - 3:45 pm  

Type: Seminar

Location: 4270 BPS Bldg.

The observation of neutrino oscillations, and discovery that neutrinos are massive particles, is clear evidence of physics beyond the standard model and opens up the possibility of CP violation in the lepton sector. The current long baseline experiments, T2K and NOvA, do not have the sensitivity to make a definitive observation of CP violation, but their results are informing the design of the next generation of neutrino oscillation experiments, Hyper-K and DUNE.

This talk discusses how uncertainties surrounding neutrino interactions impact the oscillation parameter measurements being made, focusing on the T2K experiment. First, the T2K oscillation analysis method will be presented, showing how neutrino interaction uncertainties are incorporated into the result. Then, a summary of interaction uncertainties that are not included in the analysis will be shown along with the fake data studies T2K is performing to understand their effect. Finally, the talk will briefly discuss planned analyses and experiments that hope to address these issues in the future.