Nuclear Theory Seminar

Speaker: Alessandro Lovato, Argonne National Laboratory

Title: Nuclear spectra and weak responses from Quantum Monte Carlo

Date: Tue, 02 Oct 2018, 11:00 am – 12:00 pm
Type: Seminar
Location: NSCL/FRIB Lecture Hall 1200

The last decades have witnessed the emer­gence of the basic model of theo­retical nu­clear physics. Effec­tive field theories (EFTs) ex­ploit the sym­metries of quan­tum chromo-dy­namics to systematic­ally con­struct nu­clear poten­tials and consis­tent electro­weak cur­rents. They are the main input to “ab-initio” many-body methods, aimed at solving the Schrödinger equa­tion. Among them, Quan­tum Monte Carlo approaches are known for their accu­racy and their capa­bility of dealing with short-range nu­clear dy­namics.

I will report on recent Quan­tum Monte Carlo progresses towards a compre­hensive descrip­tion of: nucleon-nucleon scat­ter­ing, the spec­trum and electro­weak interac­tions of light nuclei, and the nucleonic mat­ter equa­tion of state. The im­pact of these calcula­tions on the long-base­line neu­trino-oscil­lation experi­mental pro­gram is also dis­cussed.