Special P-A Colloquium: Planetarium Show Special P-A Preview: Phantom of the Universe

Note special time (5 pm) and place (Abrams Planetarium).

Title:  Planetarium Show Special P-A Preview: Phantom of the Universe

Refreshments at 4:30 pm in 1400 BPS.

Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2017, 5:00 pm - 5:30 pm  

Type: Colloquium

Location: Abrams Planetarium Sky Theatre

Preview of the planetarium show “Phantom of the Universe”: 
From the journey of protons racing through the world’s largest particle collider in Europe to up-close views of the Big Bang and emergent universe, and the nearly mile-deep descent to an underground experiment in South Dakota, a new planetarium show is designed to immerse audiences in the manifold search for dark matter. The star of the show – dark matter – which we have so far detected only through its gravitational effects, even though it makes up an estimated 85 percent of the total mass of the universe – is invisible and we don’t yet know what it is made of. Researchers are scanning the night sky and designing ultrasensitive underground particle detectors in hopes of solving its mysteries. The show features narration by Academy Award-winning actress Tilda Swinton and sound effects by Skywalker Sound, the studio responsible for the hum of lightsabers and whine of spaceships in the “Star Wars” films. Carey Ann Strelecki, who served as senior research consultant on the Academy Award-winning documentary film “An Inconvenient Truth,” handled the writing and production work. MSU students, faculty and staff were involved in all aspects of the production process. The show is 25 minutes long.