C. Konrad Gelbke

  • Aug 7, 2017
  • Active Faculty

University Distinguished Professor
Cyclotron; Nuclear Physics - Experimental
640 S. Shaw Lane, Room 2014
(517) 908-7300




1973: Ph.D., University of Heidelberg

Professional Activities & Interests / Biographical Information

As a researcher, I am intrigued by the time-dependent phenomena that occur when nuclei collide. In my early studies, I utilized various interference effects to elucidate the boundary between semi-classical and quantum descriptions of elastic and inelastic scattering and transfer reactions. More recently, I have been fascinated by the disintegration of hot nuclei into many fragments?and developed new techniques to elucidate the space-time evolution of the hot and expanding reaction zone created in nuclear collisions. In the future, I plan to utilize beams of rare isotopes to explore the isospin dependence of the equation of state of neutron-rich nuclear matter and to study problems of astrophysical relevance.

As director, I wished to create a welcoming and stimulating environment for cutting-edge research and education, and I strongly believe that this is best done in a forefront research laboratory that is fully integrated into a university campus. Technical and scientific excellence, teamwork focused on solving problems, academic integrity, and open dialogue that withstands public scrutiny are core values that I cherish and foster. For our academic staff, teaching-learning-discovery blend into one. Our students and postdoctoral researchers find many opportunities to excel and build the foundation for future leadership positions in government laboratories, the private sector, or academe.