Edwin Loh

  • Aug 12, 2017
  • Active Faculty

Astronomy & Astrophysics
Biomedical-Physical Sciences Bldg.
567 Wilson Rd., Room 3260
(517) 884-5612



1977: Ph.D., Princeton University

Selected Publications

Loh & Wilkinson, D. 1975, A Cooled Fairchild CCD as an Astronomical Detector, Proceedings, Imaging in Astronomy, Cambridge, MA, FB5-1

Loh & Spillar, E. J. 1986a, Photometric Redshifts of Galaxies, ApJ 303, 154

Loh, E., Biel, J., Chen, J., Davis, M., Laporte, R., Loh, O., 2004, Spartan Infrared Camera: High Resolution Imaging for the SOAR Telescope, in Ground-based Instrumentation for Astronomy, Moorwood, A., & Iye, M., eds., Proc. SPIE 5492, 1644

Professional Activities & Interests / Biographical Information

Ed Loh's primary research project has been the design and construction of the Spartan Infrared Camera, a $2.0M instrument for the SOAR 4.1 meter telescope on Cerro Pachon, Chile. Its spectral range is 1–2.5 μm. It has two plate scales, 0.043 arcsec/pixel for diffraction-limited sampling in the H and K bands, and 0.073 arcsec/pixel to cover a 5.0×5.0 arcmin field. It was installed in 2008.